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December 1, 2019: Beneficiaries of retirement accounts should know rules on withdrawals, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 17, 2019: IRS proposed changes to RMD tables will offer little tax savings, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 3, 2019: Ways to give to charity and still reduce your taxes, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 20, 2019: Couples should know of ways to maximize Social Security, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 6, 2019: When is 4% less than 4%? -after taxes, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 22, 2019: Know your bond funds before recession, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 8, 2019: Check your target-date fund if close to retirement, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 28, 2019: Poor decisions on social security are costly for retirees, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 11, 2019: Avoid these errors when tapping 529 plans for college bills, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 12, 2019: Consider Roth conversions while rates are low but watch for hidden costs, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

June 28, 2019: Retirees should take a long view on taxes, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

June 16, 2019: SECURE Act will require review of retirement plans, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

June 2, 2019: Annual 529 day puts college planning in focus, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

May 5, 2019: Surrendering annuity has financial implications, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

April 21, 2019: Key retirement numbers for 2019, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

April 7, 2019: Be mindful of 401(k) contribution limits when changing jobs, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

February 10, 2019: National Consumer Protection Week reminds to be alert for scams, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

February 24, 2019: Section 199A deduction offers tax savings for some business owners, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

February 10, 2019: Higher estate tax limit could leave heirs with larger tax bill, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 27, 2019: Tax season set to kick off with reduced IRS penalties, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 6, 2019: How to respond to uncertain market in 2019, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 23, 2018: Considerations for spouses with inherited retirement accounts, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 9, 2018: Coordinating HSA contributions with Medicare, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 25, 2018: New Form 1040 shorter, but not necessarily simpler, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 11, 2018: Planning for mutual fund capital gains, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 28, 2018: Good options for old insurance policies, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 30, 2018: Goal setting for financial success, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 16, 2018: Right way for kids to split parent's IRA, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 19, 2018: Roth conversions require more thought after TCJA, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 5, 2018: Who pays the tax on an inheritance?, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 22, 2018: Make sure tuition payments from 529 plans will be tax-free, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 8, 2018: Making sense of capital gains tax, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

June 24, 2018: Tax cut spotlights mega backdoor ROTH IRA, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

June 3, 2018: Senior Safe Act to fight elder financial abuse, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

May 20, 2018: Financial foundation for new college grads, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

May 6, 2018: Small businesses need to revisit tax plans and structure, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

April 8, 2018: What is impact of stock market volatility, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

March 11, 2018: Change to mortgage interest deduction will catch some off guard, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

February 25, 2018: IRS warns of new tax scams as filing season begins, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

February 11, 2018: Think long-term in trying to minimize tax on retirement, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 28, 2018: As markets continue upward, take stock of risks, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 14, 2018: Charitable giving strategies after tax reform, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 17, 2017: ETF tax advantages at risk in proposed tax reform, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 3, 2017: What to know when donating stock to charityby David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 19, 2017: What happens to your debt in estate planning? by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 5, 2017: HSA's can boost retirement readiness, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 22, 2017: Keep gift tax rules in mind when feeling generous, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 8, 2017: Market’s long bull-run rewards the patientby David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 24, 2017: Equifax breach highlights need to protect personal info, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 10, 2017: Tax benefits of life insurance can be lostby David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 27, 2017: Annual review of beneficiary designations a priorityby David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 30, 2017:  NUA may reduce tax on 401(k) plan company stock, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 16, 2017: IRA Distribution Rules can be tricky,  by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 2, 2017: Roth IRAs & 401(k)s, similar but not equal, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

June 18, 2017: College savings top of mind as school year ends, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

June 4, 2017: Combating elder financial abuse, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

May 7, 2017: Protect yourself from online investment scams, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

April 23, 2017: What if Form 8606? IRA owners should know, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

April 9, 2017: 529 Plan rule changes benefit college savers, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

March 26, 2017: Social Security claiming decisions for divorcees, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

March 12, 2017: Delaying retirement raises interesting questions, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

February 26, 2017: Market Perspective: Stocks, bonds or cash?, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

February 12, 2017: Tax reporting for home sales, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 29, 2017: Be alert to scammers as tax season begins, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 15, 2017: IRS eases relief rules for botched IRA rollovers, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 25, 2016: Positioning portfolios for an uncertain 2017, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 11, 2016: Year-end and 2017 planning by the numbers, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 27, 2016: Investors should keep rising interest rates in perspective, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 13, 2016: Protect financial information from hackers, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 30, 2016: US tax code has grown from 400 to 74,000 pages, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 16, 2016: Retirement planning not just about saving, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 2, 2016: Preferred stocks offer high income and risks, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 4, 2016: Social Security creates odd incentives for widows, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 21, 2016: College Planning changes with earlier FAFSA filing, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 7, 2016: Handling required minimum distributions with multiple accounts, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 10, 2016: Power of attorney documents a must have, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

June 19, 2016: Avoid tax traps, pitfalls of intra-family loans, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

June 5, 2016: IRS warns tax scams targeting younger people, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

May 22, 2016: Live longer by retiring later?, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

May 8, 2016: Can money buy happiness?, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

April 10, 2016: Last call for Social Security strategies, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

March 13, 2016: Three common tax season misconceptions, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

February 28, 2016: Tax time is prime time for identity thieve,s by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

February 14, 2016: Pitfalls to avoid when helping a child buy a home, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 31, 2016: Don't let market declines trick you, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 17, 2016: When to amend your revocable trust, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 3, 2016: Gift tax rules can complicate college savings, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 20, 2015: Donating retirement assets to charity, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 6, 2015: Carefully choose IRA beneficiaries, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 22, 2015: Be mindful of IRS wash sale rules, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 8, 2015: Budget deal axes popular Social Security strategies, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 25, 2015: Evaluating pension buyout offers, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 27, 2015: Re-visit Roth conversions as deadline approachesby David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 13, 2015: Resist temptation to time the markets, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 30, 2015: Millennials jeopardize retirement by avoiding stocks, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 16, 2015: Happy 80th birthday Social Securityby David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 2, 2015: Factors that drive asset returnsby David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 19, 2015: IRAs are not always tax-deferred, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 5, 2015: Economic recovery remains solid, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

June 21, 2015 Dollar cost averaging can help smooth market entry, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

May 24, 2015: Using annuities for lifetime income in retirement, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

May 10, 2015: Should alternative investments be in your portfolio?, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

April 26, 2015: Custodian errors can defeat backdoor Roth strategy, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

April 12, 2015: 2014 tax season brought unpleasant surprises, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

March 29, 2015: Tax-advantaged college funding, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

March 15, 2015: Making the most of college financial aid, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

March 1, 2015: Stay focused when markets misbehave, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

February 8, 2015: How to fix IRA contribution mistakes, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 25, 2015: Inheritance missteps can be costly, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 10, 2015: Health Law Brings New Forms, Taxes and Credits, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 27, 2014: Start Your 2015 Financial Planning Checklist, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 13, 2014: How Work Impacts Social Security Benefits, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 29, 2014: Year-End Tax Saving Moves, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 8, 2014: Social Security Benefits for Children, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 25, 2014: Using 72(t) to Avoid Tax Penalties, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 11, 2014: Tapping Traditional IRA Early Without Penalties, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 27, 2014: IRS Clarifies Rules for After-Tax 401(k) Rollovers, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 14, 2014: Social Security Benefits Reduces for Many Public Employees, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 31, 2014: When Rates Rise: Bonds or Bond Funds? by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 17, 2014: Is Your 401(k) Enough to Retire on? by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 3, 2014: What You Should Know About Cash Balance Plans, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 20, 2014: Halftime Report: Markets Continue to Reward Investors, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 6, 2014: Top Questions Asked Just Before Retirement, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)


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